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Friday Jummuah is the day of congregational prayer, when in the afternoon all the muslim ummah gathers in their local mosques to hear a serman and also to pray together.

Surah 62 of the qur'an named 'Al Jummuah' is said to have been revealed to Muhammad(sws) during the 1st few years after migration to madina.

Jummuah is a command from god for muslims to pray the prayer in jammat ( congregation). 
Friday is named 'jummuah' from the arabic word ' al jam' which means " gathering". This day is considered to be extremely honoured in gods sight.
Islam teaches that all prayers are wittnessed by the angels, but that on a jummah , the angels record all those who go to the mosque & pray. As a reward all their sins are forgiven between that friday and the next.
Jummah is also a day on which muslims pray blessings on the prophet muhammad (sws) and also recite surah 18 ' Al Kahf' from the qur'an.



This usualy begins after sunset ( maghrib) on Thursday. Muslims take an obligatory bath on friday, wear their best clothes and perfume themselfes.


Jummah on friday is a replacement of the noon ( dhur) prayer. It is first started by Adhaan ( call to prayer) and then the Khutbah ( sermon).



The sermon praises god and his prophet muhammad( sws) and also quotes verses from the holy qur'an, encouraging people to carry out good deeds.
The theme varies from week to week. During the khutbah people are asked to remain silent and listen with great devotion.....

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