Just an emptiness ...

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I sometimes wonder what do you do, if you wake up one fine morning... I mean a really fine morning, nice weather and all... and you suddenly realize all that your life, you dream had been about does not hold really true. Umm, its not as if there has been anything wrong in life... it is just a natural way of understanding that you had been chasing towards the wrong rainbow. So you should run after the right one then? Well, let's just add a little twist there... let's just assume that you have stopped believing in rainbows ... I mean definitely. Who on earth has ever been to the end of the rainbow! It's nothing more than an illusion... well, bingo! you have just figured it out. So.... what happens next... just no more chasing and that just sound so rational. But deep down inside, you know you had always wanted to believe in the rainbows and suddenly its all but a lie. Hmph! okay... now all you need to do is just to train yourself to be a good girl and stop fussing about everything. Life is neither bad nor good, just a flow of events that is... the world is no enchanted forest or a fairy land... rather a simple land that is in some places so beautiful that you feel like it has put a mask of dreaminess, of unreality. And to continue living in here is simply like a sine curve, goes up and down at intervals. You learn how to live like the others. However, in some odd hours you just find although everything is in their right place, there is just an enormous emptiness inside you for the fair tale of yours. :)

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