Just enjoy the happiness, my girl !

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Send to little girl!

Daughter who also deserve the very best, with the more you have to be loved more than you? Because I have worked very hard, always trying to live the best possible, always bring laughter to everyone that engine? So why are you suffering worse than others? They say the best is getting more love than you? Right ???

Something called love? No where is not it?

You're the first person he loves, not true right?

Every day may not see me, do not speak with me he will be sad, is not true right?

He'll never love you to him alive, not true right?

He's in love with the heart, not like other men see her daughter's embrace, he lied right?

Work out how he and another man then normal. Effeminate, or family treasures? Since childhood he's been living in a wealthy family, only to go to school and try to escape to play, not dirty, hard like my life. He was too full, so he can not understand and appreciate the love you gave him complete.

He does not know cherish keep, and hold you strong on his family. Because filial it? Because of small to large parents are always worried about him not missing anything, he enjoyed a happy life and not do anything for my parents so he agrees to marry the girl he does not love injury to star his parents happy?

Is real? What about my love and he's what? How easily dispose of it? So each day know why he did not tell me he was going to marry her? Why do not love me? Why did you love me then callously dumped all heartbroken for you? Why play with me like that? Why?

You say he does not respect you, then you do not have to regret, I told you not to cry for someone who does not deserve the feelings of children.

Yeah, I was that energetic girl, always looking forward to to walk. I have worked hard on education, years of student seat when you wear beautiful dating, I told myself I love to get an education and take advantage of free time to go to work. They work everywhere, they want to have outstanding skills to care for younger siblings, family and child care cheerful, optimistic message that if you live well with a nice guy will love you.

I believe so, I believe in God. That piece of my ribs, a day will come to love them shelter. Then this guy came, stole my trust, robbed of hope and happiness for years waiting for me. I'm still the same, still charming, still smiling, sure they say real men I'll come pick you up ...

Lie! Dumb ass, do not cry anymore. I cry has 6 months from the date they married. I was sad, even tearful at all? There should not they?

I really admire you, between the times of modern industrial sincerely did you love to do? Is it worth it? Yes, they still do a good job, have fun with everyone, still beautiful but each occurrence of each working day to return to my room to draw his picture to see, to read the two former skype chat , then you cry recently cowardly. There should not they?

Yeah, granted, I had cut off contact with people, I deleted nick yahoo, skype delete, delete the phone and they said that if one day I accidentally met would not welcome him, because you want him happy wife. I'm so stupid, someday I also keep a diary, and listening to him tell stories. Why you?

Do not like that anymore, please do! I just delete them all away, throw away all that sad memories, memories of the past do not grieve anymore. Dropped off, and as I have never loved this man.

Do not cry, are not you?

I please, just think. If you ask me, he did not let go of my hand, because of the taste it? But just because rich people inherit your parents' legacy. Get me? It was what? Have to scratch you? You idiot, she sir.

I do not think, I just told my brother noble, devoted to his parents. I am ridiculously stupid for me. He's not as good as I thought, let's not forget about the children? Take her beautiful love for another man more deserving.

I always laugh to bring happiness to others, even their children, children crying and upset its just me. I'm sure that my parents struggled so long, so I do not want my parents to see me sad, it hurts more. So you just learn to live for everyone.

Why are you stupid, huh I ????

You're the cutest girl I ever knew. Tomorrow you beg lost memories of her boys, so my life is not sad anymore, so that her eyes shining tears will not anymore. Pray happiness will come to you!

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