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Cave of the Swallows is spotlighted here with Ray Murphy and his buds charging it and nailing another perfect landing down in Mex!  1200 foot plunge and SICK action cam shots from Ray and crew!  

Funny story about Ray is I met him through a roomate of mine here in Cali!  It was around the start of XcorpsTV, I working on some new music for an XC segment in my room and when my roomate at the time said "hey j i got a friend you should meet he jumps off stuff and sky dives."  I was like OK cool, but i never thought the phrase "jumps off stuff" would mean what it turned out to mean with Ray Murphy!  Ray not only turned out to be a premier pro base jumper, and sky diver but also great Xcorps host and ultimate cool guy.

We had alot of good times putting these episodes together.  In fact Ray set up Roslyn and I's first sky dive!  Enjoy this incredible action and free fallin visuals!!


...as always THANX for watching the XCORPS and please give us some feedback!



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