Justifying a Sin

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Justifying a sin, Does it work?

Has it worked before? Has the outcomes from history and stories been satisfactory? 

Can I have the same trust back as I used to have before? Or should I leave it and ask for forgiveness?

These are some of the questions that comes to mind when someone makes a mistake. Well, I believe it's very important to acknowledge the fact that everyone does make a mistake but it doesn't ends there, as we know everyone has to pay for theirs, it's actually depends on the attitude afterwards. This attitude doesn't justify the mistake... but many other things which reminds me of a story from the start of mankind.

Iblees, the most respected of all angels made a mistake by not bowing to humans and denied the order of Almighty Allah, on the other side our forefather Hazrat Adam (a.s) made a mistake when he got fooled by Iblees and ate the apple.

Both made mistakes, the human Hazrat Adam (a.s) accepted his fault and asked for forgiveness while Iblees (Satan) instead of accepting his fault started justifying his mistake and disobeyed Allah's orders.

Well, we all know the punishments for both which brings us to the conclusion of our attitude and approach towards making mistakes and decision afterwards.

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