Ka'abah e Sharif

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Ka'abah (Bytullah e Sharf), the most sacred place for muslems, was built by prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and his son prophet Ismail (peace be upon him), peace be upon them.

Since then, the Arabs used to perform Hajj to Ka'abah.

When prophet Mohammad peace be upon him, preached Islam to all mankind, performing Hajj to Ka'abaha became the fifth pillar of Islam.

Ka'abaha is a 13.8 meter high, box south walls are 11 meters long, and its eats and west walls are 9.6 meters wide.

Ka'abah is built of grey stone and it stands on a marble base which is 23 centimeters high.

The for walls of Ka'abah are coverd with a black curtain (kiswah).

This curtain is coverd with writing in silver and gold.

The curtain is replaced the goverment of Saudi Arabia once a year.

It is made in a factory in Makkah and costs about 2660000 dollars.

The door which leads inside Ka'abah is made of gold.

Inside, there are two rows of wooden pillars and many gold and silver lamps.

The floor is covered with marbles.

Near the door, in the eastern corner of Ka'abah, there is the black stone called Hajarul Aswad.

This is surrounded by silver.


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