Kabul Education Univercity(KEU)

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Kabul Education Univecity (KEU) is the newest Univercity in the country, located in Kabul the capilate of Afghanistan.

First, it was established as Kabul institiute of pedagogy and then in 2003 it has been promoted to the level of Univercity and entitled to be called as Kabul education Univercity.

Until 1994 the institiute was one of the main teachers' training institution which was working under the supervision of the Ministry of education.

Now it has 6 faculties where are studying more then four thousand student both male and female.

there are 164 professors who are working very hard to gruduate as many scholars as they can.

Kabul Medical Univercity (KNU)

Kabul Medical Univercity (formerly as Kabul Medical Faculty) is located in Kabul Afghanistan on the campus of Kabul Univercity.

The Medical inestitution was initially maintained by collaboiation whith the turkash and french sponsors.

KMU developed into a singly self - autonomic Univercity in 2005.

It is currently graduatrs professionals in fields of Curative Medical, pedia, Stomatology and Nursing.

All subjects are taught national languages but most Medical terms are either arabic, greek, english or french.

Currently, more then 17 Medilcal inestitiutions are known to exist in Afghanistan but the KMU and Nangarhar medical inetitutions are the leading medical inestitutions for the country.


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