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The continuously years of internal war destroyed the infrastructure of knowledge in Afghanistan; Afghanistan has lost all its knowledge sources during these three decades of war. After this dark era international community and Afghanistan’s government has tried to fulfill these gaps however they were almost successful in this mission. 

Kabul Innovation Lab is an international institution that is working on IT solutions for Afghan public and private sectors. Kabul Innovation Lab has been held two times in Afghanistan which one was in 2012 and on was 2013. Both times it was really efficient and found a lot of effective IT solution for facilitation of work processes. The Lab invites IT specialists from all over Afghanistan to Kabul and suggest them a list of challenging problems to find solution for.

Las year’s Lab was all on governmental office processes that participants worked on finding solutions for different ministries. A staff from the ministry was explaining the problem they have in their office and specialist were working on finding an IT solution. The Lab was quite successful and offered realistic solutions for the ministries. Holding such Labs can speed up the office work process and introduce the IT usage for Afghans.

Observing the success of last year’s Lab it was repeatedly held in Kabul by selecting IT specialists from all over Afghanistan. This time the Lab was more on finding IT solutions for media in Afghanistan. The same as last year participants worked on the presented problems and found IT solutions for them and that was very efficient and awesome.



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