Kabul Museum

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Kabul Museum

Kabul Museum was once considered the most comprehensive.

Record of central Asia history. Also known as Afghanistan National Museum. Kabul museum was of the most famous archaeological sites in Afghanistan, miniatures, weapons and art objects belonging to former royal families were stored here. Almost 90% of the artifacts in the museum were excavated in Afghanistan and formed a complete historical record of the great cultural crossroad of Asia.

Museum displays some of the best antiques of Persia, India, China, Central Asia, Greece and the Arabs were one stored in the Kabul Museum. One of the largest displays in the Museum was Bagram collection. Bagram collection was discovered in 1939, while excavating the Kushan fort. It’s consisted an amazing array of 1,800 pieces from India, Greece, Rome and the whole Central Asia. The Kabul Museum also had one of the largest displays of Greek and Roman coins found near Kabul. This collection was a historical treasure, as it contained coins from numerous civilizations dating from the 6th century B.C. to 19th century. Some of the most elegant relics from Alexandria, Ashoka, Akhamansheed, Greek, Buddhist, Kanishkan, Zoroastrian and Muslim periods had been preserved in the Kabul Museum. Many of the coins and artifacts here had been dated back from the 6th century B.C to the late 19th century.

Kabul Museum after Destruction

Kabul museum wan one of richest cultural repository of the world but the historical treasures of the Museum were destroyed and looted by the Taliban. The upper galleries of the Museum were destroyed completely. The artifacts in the Museum were looted later. Looted artifacts were sold illegally in the world market at high prices, in 1994, the United Nations initiated to stop the looting by repairing the doors and bricking up the windows. But at that time 90% of the museum artifacts were looted.

Renovation of Museum

The Museum is being renovated with the help of foreign countries efforts are being make to restore the museum’s collections. 

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