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The Philippines is known to have been celebrating many different festivals. Despite the reported crisis and other prestigious calamities, the Filipinos just cannot stop celebrating. With all the cities in the Philippines, almost each one has its own set of festival waiting to be planned for and celebrated. These festivals draw a lot of attention both to the local and international investors. Festivals in the Philippines are the glorious times to celebrate and to some, the time for business. Yes, businesses grow pretty excited about upcoming festivals due to the fact that the city will be bombarded by really many people.

In Davao City particularly, is a well-known much celebrated festival. It is the Mother of all Festivals, often called, The Festival of all Festivals. People from Davao call it, Kadayawan Festival. Kadayawan comes from the Mandaya word "Madayaw." It can be used with a warm smile to give out a greeting that is friendly in nature. The real essence of the Kadayawan Festival is to thank the Almighty One for the years bountiful harvest. A long time ago, tribes in the foot of Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines, were among the first ones to celebrate the festival. It is one way of showing how thankful and grateful they are for the year round abundant harvest though calamities come.

Through-out the years, the City’s celebration of the Festival has been overwhelming. The programs are set on time and Davao City once again experiences the festive mood. Everyone celebrates and many participate with the programs that the local government has planned for the people of Davao and of course for the visitors. This is a time where you can see malls over-flowing with people coming in and out with great smiles in their face. The Kadayawan Festival is also a time for shoppers to enjoy shopping with drop-down prices. From corner to corner you will see prices come down. While some make their prices high, people still have the guts to talk their way for a cheaper price with an item they want, in the name of the festival.

Certainly, one of the best highlights of the Kadayawan Festival is the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan. it is most awaited by the people via the television for those who cannot stay out in the streets the whole day long. While with many who every year gives time to watch it live, this event is surely refreshing culturally because participants within the city and close cities show off their colorful costumes and Tribal Dances. The beat itself uplifts your spirit and really feel the festive mood all around the city. Everyone tries hard in the competition to grab that cold cash that is up for the winning group.

It is in the Kadayawan Festival that fruits are plenty and abundant. The Durian most especially and the whole lot of other fruits are being festively eaten. You can see stalls and stores where fruits such as, mangostene, durian, lanzones and a whole lot more. Eat all you can! Surely, the Kadayawan Festival is the Mother of all Festivals.

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