Kaleb Lechowski on His Short Film R'ha, Social Media and Online Film Distribution

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Kaleb Lechowski is the real life example that the Internet is the place for filmmakers to be noticed. His short film R'ha got spotted by a film industry professional and is now on its way to Hollywood to become a feature film.

After my last article about it, I contacted Kaleb with a few questions about his film and next projects. Below is a brief interview on Kaleb's creative process, his use of social media and thoughts on online film distribution.

Film Annex: How did the story idea of your short film come to you?
Kaleb Lechowski: I´ve been thinking about the alien race for a while now. With the solo project I should do in my studies I thought the interrogation was a good entry for this story. I really wanted to make some Sci-Fi because I like the possibilities.

FA: What was your creative process for R'ha. Do you prefer to draw first or did you start directly on computer?
KL: I drew everything on storyboard, several times even, but also I started improvising some models right in 3D. I guess I do both.

FA: You created the whole film by yourself. Would you prefer to be an independent animator or work in a big animation studio?
KL: Actually I think I prefer to work as a director. I like to do several things, rather than focus on one specific part of the project.

FA: You created a real Buzz with your film on the Internet. Were you surprised at the reaction of the audience and media after you put your film online?
KL: I was indeed. It´s about 1 million views on Vimeo alone, in one week. What´s that? Thank you all for this.

FA: Did you promote your film in any way after you put it online?
KL: Scott Glassgold from IAM Entertainment helped me launch the release. R´ha got into some big articles right in the first hours after the release, and it kept going.

FA: Do you think the Internet and more specifically social media can be the new film distribution medium?
KL: I think the Internet is very fast, so are the platforms, but I think it would not have had such an impact without Scott.

FA: Tell us about your upcoming projects.
KL: I´m fleshing out the story for R´ha the feature film. I´d really be happy about being able to make the large sequel. So let´s see.

- Interview by Jennifer Bourne.

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