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I love reading tons of articles over the internet and I always choose topics about animals or pets. While reading, I came around with this interesting article in Viral Nova. A feline born with abnormality maybe. Taking a look in its pictures it seems the cat still enjoys a good life not worrying about her rare condition. The cat is perfectly adorable! I am also happy as she got a very loving family that accepts her despite her case. The cat's name is Kanga Roo and she even have her own Facebook page!


The cat below was born with radial hypoplasia, she's unable to put much weight on her front legs. Born in April of last year, this kitten was taken in by Saving Grace Rescue Inc in San Fransisco, where she quickly gained quite a bit of attention. ~ Viral Nova

Named Kanga Roo, for obvious (and adorable) reasons, it didn't take long for this cutie to find a forever home.

While others might see her condition as a flaw, Kanga wins over hearts with her playful personality.

And really, who wouldn't love coming home to this precious face every day?

Her family includes two humans, two dogs, and another cat.

She is clearly living the happy, love-filled life she deserves.


But so many kittens just like her aren't given the same opportunity.

Loving cats like Kanga are often overlooked because of their special needs, and they sadly end up never finding their own place to call home. If you're in the market for a new critter in your house, don't forget to give cuties like this a chance, too.

You can stay tuned for more of Kanga's adorable adventures on her Facebook page, which is run by her wonderful humans.

Contents credit to Viral Nova.



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