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          Kapamilya Deal or No Deal KDOND  is an afternoon game show here in the Philippines  airing on ABS-CBN every weekday. This show is a franchise of Deal or No Deal  from Endemol, a famous reality show tv production company from Netherlands. Kapamilya Deal or No Deal was first aired June 5, 2006 and it was hosted by the Queen of all media/ Queen of talk Kris Aquino. And the show lasted three years on television.  

          Then the show made a comeback in  2012 that last for only a year and it was hosted by Luis Manzano. February 9, 2015 Kapamilya Deal or No Deal returned  once again on television and Luis Manzano host the show up until now.


KDOND Season release;

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Seasons hosted by Kris Aquino

Season 1: June 5, 2006 – February 23, 2007

Season 2: July 11, 2007 – January 11, 2008

Season 3: July 28, 2008 – March 27, 2009


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Seasons hosted by Luis Manzano

Season 4: February 25, 2012 – September 28, 2013

Season 5: February 9, 2015 – present

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KDOND Game Mechanics

          There are 20 briefcase and each has a number from 1 to 20. All briefcase has a certain amount inside. The lowest amount is 1 peso and the highest amount is 1 Million pesos. Each amount can be seen on a big digital screen which they called as the Money Board. All the amounts are highlighted in yellow,  but once the amount is opened it will be removed from the money board. All briefcase is close and it will only be open one by one by the player when the game begins.


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          Once the player has been introduced, the player will have will have to choose a briefcase number. Any number that he/she thinks could be a lucky number or the briefcase number wherein the 1 Million pesos is inside. Usually the player pick the number that has significant to her or her lucky number.

          The first round of the game the player will have to choose five briefcases number, on the second round  four briefcases number then on the following round three briefcases until there are only two briefcase left to open or two amount left on the money board.


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          After each round the banker will make a phone call to the host to give an offer to the player. Only the host could hear the banker. The banker can only be seen through a silhoutte on the skybox. The mysterious person whose job is to win over the player thru money offers, making sure that the player will not bring the big amount.

          The banker’s offer will depend on the last amount the player had opened on that particular round. If the player had opened a big amount then the banker will offer them a small amount and vice versa. The bigger amount the player had opened is good for the banker’s part, but not good on the player’s side, the player will have a small chance of bringing home a big amount.  


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          If the game has just started and there is still a lot of big amounts on the money board usually the player will not accept the offer and will continue to play. But before the player can continue to play the host will have to ask the question  “Is it a deal or no deal”. Deal if the player accepts the offer and No Deal if the player wants to continue to play.

          If the player reaches the final two briefcases, the player’s briefcase and the briefcase left standing for the pick, the banker will give its final offer depending on the two remaining amount on the money board. If the player accepts the banker's offer, the player will be taking home that amount and whatever amount is in the player’s briefcase it will go to the banker. And vice versa if the players decides that it’s No Deal.


Kapamilya Deal or No Deal Season 5 (changes)


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         20 Celebrities which they call as the Lucky Stars are now the briefcase holders unlike the previous seasons it was being held by 26 gorgeous ladies who dressed uniformly, they were called as the 26K. The Lucky Stars consist of the country’s top comedians, teen stars, veteran actors/actress, and models.

          When season 5 first started the Lucky Stars were also the players, they have a huge roulette that they called Gulong ng Tala or Wheel of Stars  that will determine who will going to play through their briefcase number. If number 5 was drawn on the roulette then the briefcase number 5 holder will play. Once chosen the Lucky star can either play with her briefcase number or exchange the briefcase to any number of her choice.

          Then later the show started to invite other celebrities who will play on KDOND stage. The contestants or lucky player/s as they addressed it, can either keep the winning amount or donate it to charities of their choice if they wishes to.



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         On this season KDOND it has a female banker. On previous seasons the show has a male banker. The banker is the mysterious person on the skybox that is giving money offers to the players. No one can hear the voice of the banker except of the host. The host is the banker's voice.


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         The highest amount now on the money board is 1 Million pesos. It used to be 2 Million pesos when the players were not celebrities and just regular player who auditioned for the show.


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         The part that makes the show more entertaining are the funny antics on the show made by the Lucky Stars and the host Luis Manzano. When the lowest amount is opened especially the 1 peso, they all dance and Luis dance his favorite funny step.

         There are times that before the banker will give an offer, she will ask the celebrity player to do an act. If the celebrity player is a singer the banker will ask them to sing portions of their song.

         Since the lucky stars are all celebrities and some of them are comedians, most of the times they would throw punchline to other lucky stars to make the show more entertaining and lively. Making it a less stressful to the player, particularly when the player opened big amounts in a round.

        Here is the video on one of the episodes on KDOND wherein Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano were the players and they were asked to rap and dance.


 Video source: Youtube.com


Meet the Celebrity Millionaires of KNOD (Season 5)

         In this current season of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal there are already four celebrity winners  who took home 1 Million pesos. They were lucky to choose the briefcase that contains the biggest amount and brave enough to fight for that briefcase up to the end of the game.

          Bearwin Meily actor/comedian played on March 23, 2015. He fought for his briefcase pushed his luck up to the final round and it made him the very first celebrity millionaire for this season of KDOND.

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News and footages of Bearwin's winning moments.


           Actress, singer and mother Ara Mina won last April 17, 2015. Ara was holding her lucky charm during the entire game and it was her daughter's pink mitten. Even the banker gave her an offer of 355,000 php, the last two amounts on the money board was 100 pesos and 1 Million pesos, Ara turned down the offer and it made her the 2nd KDOND millionaire.

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       3rd celebrity millionaires are the tandem of box-office director Joyce Bernal (left) and actress Bella Padilla (right). August 10, 2015 was their lucky day.

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         Actresses and best friends Kaye Abad (left) and Nikki Valdez (right) are the latest millionaires of KDOND (September 7, 2015). Kaye's part of the winnings was shared to her family and Nikki shared her winnings to a charity. 

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***To watch the full episodes of celebrity millionaires  winning moments and other episodes of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal you can visit their website >>> http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/dealornodeal/main


 Meet the celebrity PisoNaryo of KDOND (Season 5)

         PisoNaryo are the players who took home 1 peso. Piso is one peso and Naryo comes from the word milyonaryo, millionaire in English. Celebrity players that are 1 peso richer, in the spirit of fun and entertainment they are called PisoNaryo.

Yam Conception  played on February 10, 2015

Image source: wazzup.ph

Anne Curtis played on April 20, 2015

Image source: entertainment.abs-cbn.com

Angeline Quinto and Erik Santos  played on July 8, 2015

Image source: entertainment.abs-cbn.com

Mark Esqueta and Jolina Magdangal  played on August 5, 2015

Image source:  entertainment.abs-cbn.com

Lani Misalucha  played on August 25, 2015

Image source: entertainment.abs-cbn.com

JM de Guzman and Yen Santos  played on August 28, 2015

Image source: entertainment.abs-cbn.com

Sam Conception played on October 16, 2015

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Meet Luis Manzano

Image source: manila.coconuts.co

         Luis Manzano also known for his nickname as Lucky. He is the son veteran actor-host  Edu Manzano and award-winning actress turned politician Governor Vilma Santos-Recto. Luis is one of the top hosts of the country. He has hosted different shows on ABS-CBN, like Pinoy Big Brother, Pilipinas Got Talent, ASAP, and other successful shows that he became part of. He is not only a good host, but also an actor/comedian, VJ, model, and businessman as well.

          Last April the staff of KDOND gave him a week long birthday surprised that brought him to tears. The briefcase holders were people that are closest to him. The players were his family and best friends in the entertainment industry.

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To watch the whole episode of Luis birthday special and to get the latest updates from the show Kapamilya Deal or No Deal just visit their website on >>>



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