Karachi and its heartwarming Food Streets!

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Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan and widely known as the ‘City of Lights'. It is also called ‘Mini Pakistan' as it is the financial hub of the country and generated 70% GDP of the entire country. This mega city of Pakistan is located on the shore of the sea and famous for it's many things. Its diverse lifestyle, culture, national heritage, history, architecture and different customs are the things which forced the people to fall in love with this city. You will find people living in this city belonging to different backgrounds, religion, caste, ethnicity, and countries and this is why it is famous for its excellent diversity. But it has much more to offer, yet there is one more thing which makes crazy to everyone and that is its food and food streets. Karachi is undisputed the winner when it comes to the number of food streets it offers and the foodies. The evidence of the love of food from the people is that you will find a huge number of people even at late night on normal days. The spicy, crispy and different variety of foods including the typical desi [traditional South-Asian foods] food are some that you should experience and which you will never find in any place of Pakistan.

“All around us, Karachi kept moving”  ― Kamila Shamsie, Kartography

From the delicious biryani to chicken tikka, nihari [stew consisting of slow cooked meat] to seafood, cuisine to chinese dish, the food streets of Karachi has a wide range to offer you the numerous kind of food. Let's take a look at some of the most renowned and heartwarming food streets of Karachi that deserve a visit.

Do Darya Karachi

Yes, Do-Darya Karachi, maybe this name sounds weird near you but the fact is even I don't know who and why named this food street "Do-Darya" as ‘do' means ‘two' and ‘Darya' means ‘river' in Urdu. If you have a fancy habit of eating in a romantic and serene environment then you won't find anything else except Do-Darya.


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A spectacular view of Do-Darya Karachi.

Located along the sea on Sea-view road, almost every restaurant has special seating arrangements near the sea where you can enjoy your food while watching the Arabian Sea with a cold breeze and the view of the caressing waves. You will find giant food restaurants like Kababjees, Kolachi, Charcoal Grill, Al-Sajjad etc. presenting you the best variety of seafood, B.B.Q, desi foods (Biryani, Chicken Karahi) and other dishes as well.

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A video of Kolachi Restaurant Do-Darya, karachi

Port Grand Food Street

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Port Grand, Karachi.

When talking about the delicious food and heartwarming food streets, it'll be an injustice to keep Port Grand out of the list. Port Grand is a food street built along the wavefront of the 19th century Native Jetty Bridge. Once you enter it, you will find it truly a magical place, far away from the maddening crowd. Although it's a bit pricey in comparison to the other food streets but yet it's fully worth able when it comes to the location and environment. Whether it's B.B.Q, chinese dish, cuisine or it is fast food you are in a mood for, the food here is served with the gorgeousness and serenity you won't find anywhere. Furthermore, you can also book a short ride of a boat and explore the serenity and peace of the sea.


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Port Grand, Karachi.

Burns Road Food Street

If we have to choose one food street representing the real face of Karachi that would definitely be Burns Road. Located in the old area of the city, this place is the most crowded food street of Karachi. The first official food street of Karachi is opened till 4 am in the morning and remain crowded all the day so that finding a car parking wouldn't be less than a big deal. For all Desi food lovers, it is the best source in the city to find some true desi food.


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Waheed Kabab House, Burns Road Karachi.

Some famous names from this food street are Food Center, Anwar Mutton house, Café Lazeez, Waheed Kabab house and others etc. From famous Bun-Kebab to Brain Masala, Karahi to Biryani, this is what you will find here. And if you are looking for some sweet dish, you can go for the mouthwatering Rabri [traditional sweet dish of South-Asia] of the Delhi Rabri House or you may end at lassi, falooda or an ice cream.

Hussainabad Food Street


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A crowded environment at midnight in Hussainabad Food Street.

A bit crowded and similar like Burns Rood Food Street. Situated in Azizabad, Hussainabad Food Street also consists of dozens of restaurant open till 4 am in the morning. The famous food points among many are Tayyabi Restaurant, Ghousia Foods and others. Popular items of this street are Crispy Roll, Koyla Karahi, Katakat, Sajji, and fast food etc.

Boat-Basin Food Street


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The traditional wooden takhts placed outside the Boat-Basin food street can be seen in this picture.

In an open atmosphere, eating food while sitting on the wooden Takht's [a flat wooden surface] installed on footpaths alongside the main road will rejoice your mood. A family atmosphere with lots of choices from traditional desi food to International food chains like Karachi Broast to K.F.C gives you enough pleasure to fall in love with. The special thing about this food street is that it can't only offer dinner, you can plan breakfast here as well with mouthwatering Cheese Paratha, Lassi and Halwa Poori.

S.M.C.H.S Food Street


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S.M.C.H.S Food Street, Karachi.

Let's leave desi foods aside, doesn't matter if you don't like desi or fed up with eating, go and reach the Sindhi Muslim Society located in the center of the city which is a gastronomic delight for International food lovers. As you reached there, you will find International food chains after one to another. If you want to eat some cheesy burgers then there is a Burger Lab which is all set to fulfill your wish. Not only Burger Lab, it has a fair share of International eateries including New York Coffee, Gloria Jeans, Nando's, Roasters and K.F.C etc.

Javed Nihari


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The dellicious and spicy Javed Nihari.

Hello, Nihari lovers!! This paragraph is for you. I don't think there is even a single person exist in Karachi, who doesn't know about Javed Nihari. Widely known in the city, this restaurant is located in F.B Area famous for its delicious nihari, Javed Nihari has always been a top prior place to visit and have some maghaz nihari.

Nazimabad Food Street


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The Nazimabad food street.

Last but not the least, Nazimabad Block ‘H' Food Street located near five-star chowrangi features one of the best desi foods in the city. Not only desi food, it's not bad for the International Food Chains as you'll also found Hardee's, Village and Broadway Pizza there. So I hope you guys will have some grilled Tikka, Nihari and Pizza after reading my blog. Thanks for reading it and remember to pay your visit to the above-mentioned food streets.


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B.B.Q in progress...

Note: To find out the details of Pakistani dishes which I've written above, please click on that. 


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