Karan Singh, Children 5 Years Highest in the World

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India - In the age of 5, Karan Sing has been as high as 170 cm. He was probably going to be a child of 5 years in the world.

Karan Singh was a boy aged 5 years from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. When born, weighing 7 pounds and reach 63 cm in length. He was crowned the toughest and longest baby version of Guinness World Records in 2008.

Now, high Karan has reached 170 cm. It seems that the main factor affecting the growth is so rapid that Karan is a genetic component. Both Karan parents, especially his mother, are very high. High mother, Shweatlana (26), reaches 2.2 m, while the height of his father, Sanjay (35), approximately 2 m.

Citing what Karan presented at Barcroft Media in the Daily Mail, the boy admitted that he never bullied or treated badly by people around. They just say that Karan cheated while playing basketball or cricket. Karan also added that one day he wanted to be a professional basketball player, just like he mother.

Meanwhile, Karan's mother said that the biggest difficulty for care Karan was find large size clothes and diapers for Karan when he was a baby. Baby store does not sell items that fit the size of Karan. However, it is now easier for him to look for clothes for Karan because she can wear an adult.

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