Karl Pilkington's An Idiot Abroad Graces Netflix

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Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and (most importantly) Karl Pilkington created a series for Sky1 Network called An Idiot Abroad where Karl Pilkington visits remote areas of the world and fulfills a bucket list. Now this bucket list isn't his, but a combination of the most popular items from a groups of different people all over the world.

So far I've seen Karl land dive on remote islands only inhabited by tribes. I've seen him go on the Tran-Siberian railway all across Asia. I've even seen him go to the Arctic Tundra to operate as a septic tank operator (that last one wasn't so fantastic). It's a fantastic, funny show that allows us to see things we'll probably most likely never see in our lifetimes. The combination of Karl Pilkington's world views make it much more funny than your average National Geographic program.

This show came out I believe in 2009 and recently was added to Netflix where I've been devouring it while working on marketing campaigns. I assume the majority of people would love to travel and see the majority of the world so it's nice to see the 'everyman' doing so. I must admit I got very tired of people getting paid to see these amazing things who've seen them over and over again. You can almost tell in their eyes whether or not they actually care that they're there.

In Pilkington's we can see resentment, fear, hate, absolute loathing, but it's hilarious. When he actually is happy which is quite rare you're kind of staring at a balding old puppy. It's a win win for the audience. Just be cool with swearing. If you're not than unfortunately you'll have to stick with the National Geographic programs.

You can view An Idiot Abroad here.

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