Kashmir Conflict Region Between India and Pakistan

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Kashmir may be a mountainous region within the Himalaya Mountains between India and Asian country. it's been a conflict region for over sixty years, ever since the Indian landmass became freelance.
In 1947, when nice kingdom had withdrawn from south Asia, India and Asian country became freelance countries. The prince of Cashmere determined to become an area of India, reciprocally for Indian protection. within the past sixty years India and Asian country have fought 3 wars over the region.
Although there has been less violence within the region recently, it's still a hassle spot. A minor conflict might trigger a war between India and Asian country, each nuclear powers within the region.
Kashmir is that the solely region at intervals India with associate degree Islamic majority. many of us don't need to be ruled by India. they require to become an area of Asian country or be freelance altogether. The individuals suppose that they're being discriminated against by the govt in city. state is running high and that they claim they're not obtaining the assistance they have.
In the Nineteen Nineties there are several incidents on the borderline in Cashmere between Indian and Pakistani defense force. However, within the last decade, there are signs of up relationships. In 2006 Asian country stopped giving cash to paramilitary teams fighting in Cashmere and 2 years past India declared that it'd grant amnesty to Pakistani freedom fighters.
Today Cashmere is controlled by 3 countries. The east and south with a population of nine million area unit controlled by India; Asian country administers the north and also the west, whereas China conjointly controls atiny low region.
Many officers in each India and Asian country need peace, as a result of each countries area unit uninterested in the last decade long conflict. They conjointly suppose that a long-lasting peace can bring stability and economic process to a war-worn region. however in each countries there area unit extremist teams that don't need their governments to provide in and conciliate

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