Kashmir problem between Pakistan and India

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 Kashmir problem is the major cause of political tension between Pakistan and India.


Two major wars have been fought between them. But inspite of these, India has mentioned her illegal occupation of Kashmir. Inspite of many tries, the United Nations has failed to attain the right of self-determination for the people of Kashmir.


Pakistan has always claimed that only the Kashmiri people have a right to choose the future and India has no right to impose her will upon them. Kashmir problem one of the international problems that United Nation has failed to settle since 1948.

Kashmir is in the north of sub-continent.
 At the time of creation of Pakistan the 80% majority of people were the Muslims who were in the favour of joining Pakistan. At that time, the ruler of Kashmir was a cruel and wicked Hindu Dogra .Raja requested Indian government for military help.
India sent forces to Kashmir,

which helped establish Indian occupation on that state. As it was against the will of the people of Kashmir, they raised revolt and were successful in liberating some portion of Kashmir (Jammu Kashmir).


When the Indian forces failed to crush freedom fighters,

India took this problem to the Security Council where it was decided that the future of Kashmir should be settled according to the desire of its habitants.  India later did not fulfill is promise and refused to hold a referendum.
 Pakistan has repeatedly approached the UN. Nothing, however, has been gained so far because of the uncompromising behaviour of India.


 Pakistan has always been in the forefront to promote the concept of "Millat-i-Islamia". All the Muslims are brothers and they must support each other. Pakistan has created very close relations with Muslims countries and has always participated in the attempts for restoration of the rights of Muslims, any where in the world, without any calculation.
 The people of Kashmir are under perpetual torture and political oppression of India. All Muslim countries should force India to stop atrocities against Kashmires.


Their problem is our own problem. Now they are united and well equipped than they were ever before. Now, we can more confidently forsee "The rising of the moon".
 May God Almighty bless them with great success in their just attempt for freedom.

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