Kashmir problems

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It is not today problem that I'm doing this question over the past many years, is running long runs have not will continue. Its natural beauty is a master piece of Valley where every green. Where nature has every kind of have been decked.



That the Earth is not a corner of paradise called the Earth from the blood of people of color there. Where the heart ten to someone every day occurs and we are sitting idle silence speak nothing say nothing just comforted the people is that this is running and we the people, and also in fact be asked and what does it mean to us, we also take our brother unto them those are not there, no There is no sister but keep in mind one thing in Islam, a Muslim is the brother of fellow Muslims, and we answer by their brothers in the hereafter if not today, we need to have fast.



They, after all sorts of problems in Pakistan want to see their future as well. And we? After all, our responsibilities are to their brothers and sisters, some of which is how to serve Islam is their mothers who heads for auction day scarf from China is the rod of his old age, his father’s, which in the long run, young son was taken away ...


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