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Time for another G.I.V.E. Spotlight! 

Meet veteran Dustin Norwood, a Marine in the 81 Millimeter Platoon. These interviews took place in Jacksonville, North Carolina, where Norwood discusses his deployment in Afghanistan and what the future holds for him.

Dustin Norwood: Deployment in Afghanistan

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Dustin Norwood: What Lies Ahead

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In addition to honing valuable communication skills, Norwood also had some interesting interactions with the children in the region where he was stationed. He reports that they were always coming up to the soldiers, asking questions, and trying to learn a bit of English. Their curiosity has Norwood convinced that the children in Afghanistan today have the potential to make their country a great nation. Says Norwood, “[the children] have a future if somebody actually put forth the effort to teach them and wanted to have a successful country.”

I chose to highlight this interview not because Norwood has his future all figured out, but because he doesn't. At the moment, he has some vague ideas--attend law school, maybe become a state trooper and then probably an attorney. However, when the subject turns to his role models, and he mentions his father, it becomes clear why his lack of a crystal clear plan isn't a big concern. Also a Marine, Norwood's father was a man who stayed active and worked hard long after his service ended. Norwood explains that he admires his father for continuing to stay on the move, and he plans to do the same thing.

It's not the traditional approach to developing a career, but perhaps the Norwood men are on to something. Maybe having a single-minded purpose isn't the only way to achieve success. Maybe it is simply a matter of continuing to move in a chosen direction without looking back or allowing yourself to become complacent. If one road gives way beneath you, jump onto another one. Just keeping going and, eventually, you're going to get somewhere.

In the meantime, perhaps after the end of his tour in the first half of 2013, Dustin Norwood will consider getting involved with the Film Annex Afghan Development Project, the organization that is providing the Internet to thousands of Afghani children. As Norwood said himself, the children of Afghanistan need someone to teach them the skills to lead their nation, and his strongest suit is his interpersonal communication skills.

At the very least, it is a good place to start moving.

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