Keep Some Seed For Your Next Planting Season

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At harvest, you have to keep some seed for next planting.

        In other words, each time you get your salary, set aside an amount for the future.

        The best advice I can give you is the 70/30 Rule.

        Here's what it means:

        First, you've got to learn how to live on 70% of your income.

        I can hear your objections now.   (Howling protest, really.)

        "Ray, I can't live on 70% of my income!  You must be insane!"


        Be insane.  Be ruthless.  Simplify like crazy. 

        This is for your future we're talking about.

        How do you live in 70% of your income?  For many of us, we don't have an income problem; We have a spending problem. Track your spending.  Get into a Seven-Day Spending Diagnosis. For seven days, before leaving for work, tuck in your pocket a little notebook where you can jot down expenses every time you purchase something.  This "diagnosis" will give you the wisdom where to cut back and do some "radical surgery".

        And here's what you'll do with the rest of the 30%...

  • First, give 10% to God.
  • Second, give 20% for your retirement.

    Good day and Godbless.

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Hi! I am Engr. Ray Balba, 24 years old , networker, forex trader and Law of attraction practitioner.

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