Keeping our relationship alive..

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Being in a relationship is a great chance to learn about our self, as well as the person we love.

The challenges and conflicts between us are all natural & if we respond to them in the right way they are opportunities to grow. These are chances to learn how to communicate and understand the other person, rather than just doing the easy thing, and running away from him/her. 

There are so many things we can do together to breathe a new life into what might currently feel boring. We talk to each other and try to find out what is on other's mind. We might want to surprise each other by experiencing new things with each other, & talking about interesting things. Sometimes the small little talks, small little surprises, & small little expressions are enough to make our love boning stronger than ever. Yeah, successful relationship takes a lot of work for both people. 

 it’s always good to have standards and guidelines. We get hurt. Sometimes we are scarred for life because one may end up with just anybody. If we are not able to hold up our end of the deal, and respect our wishes, then we might have our answer. But yeah, we’ll never know unless we communicate our hopes and concerns with each other. So, communication is a huge stair to your relationship.


Beside these facts, me & you mostly communicate like the ones in the picture below.. lol hehe :p

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