Key Characteristics of Output Devices

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Key Characteristics of Output Devices

Output devices are meant for executing computerized output.

• The visual output is executed by the monitor.

CRT monitors were curved and bulky.


LCD monitors have flat screen which do not flicker and are light in weight.


Plasma screens are mostly employed in TVs and are quite larger than CRT & LCD.


• The resolution of a monitor's screen is the outcome of the integration of fundamental bright dots called pixels.


• An e-book reader is a book sized hand held electronic device meant for displaying texts and images mostly retrieved from internet.


• A projector displays output over a whiteboard or neat wall.


HDTV integrates micro technology to a TV set for high definition output over a wider scale.


• The texo-graphical output of a printer is called hard copy.


• A laser printer has a great speed printing sharp images.


• A thermal printer employs heat to impregnate impressions onto a specially treated paper meant for the purpose.


• The inkjet printers employ high speed spray printing technology.


• A dot matrix prints by striking pins installed in a printhead. Both dot matrix and daisy wheel printers work on the same principle of striking impression like a type writer and hence called character printers.


Drum and chain printers print one complete line at a time.


Plotters produce high quality printing by using pens as the tool of printing.


• The output of a speaker is sound.


• Human voice can artificially be generated through a speech synthesizer.


• A fax machine sends and receives documentary scans via telephone lines.


• People can enjoy cheap telephone calls via Internet telephony.


• The properties of of a scanner, photocopier, fax, and printer are combined in a device called multifunctional device.


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