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Salman Moves as Devi and the return came in as Devil. The contribution ended in the gross count of 342 Crore INR within the span of two weeks when it all started with a 100 Crore INR benchmark. The Nadiawala Entertainment does put the show in again and the repetition hits of the mighty actor never stop for a run. The KICK Movie ultimately collected around 27 Crore INR in the opening bid. The blockbuster was concepted of a very intelligent local boy who could not find any enthusiasm to do a work. He always lacked of THE KICK in life which ultimately achieved by him seeing the smile of a helpless child. The Kick turned his life around and he sleeked for revenge to all those persons who were grossing through Black money within the city and even internationally. The people targeted by him were those who laughed at him and had insulted him when he was in need. The Film was mainly shooted in selective locations of South Korea. Salman Khan was co-starred with Jacqueline Fernandez and an awesome contribution of Randeep Hooda and Nawzuddin Siddique made the whole story a blockbuster. The sound tracks also appeared to be commonly well precised with Salman Khan Singing by himself in particulars; the contribution of Himesh Reshamiya was also not negligible. The dialogue seemed to be fitting the hunk and the true meaning of the story held great emotions from the lot. The Film was consequently released in most of the overseas countries of UAE, Pakistan as well as Ireland along with the experiments of the U.K and Canada. The film held out as a good mark and a serious blockbuster of the lot. The SALMAN KHAN RETURN made a good impression to the Box Office.

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