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Jason Cooper and Jay Armitage are producing and directing a documentary about "crowdfunding your dreams", and yes, it has been funded by a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. Around 840 people contributed to the documentary financing (more than $80,000).

The documentary will follow 6 people (a musician, an inventor, foodies, a filmmaker and a videogame developer) and aims, more generally, to look into the overall impact crowdfunding is having on every industry it touches including, art, fashion, banking, film, science, design, music and the nonprofit sector.

You can find the teaser and more info here :

Crowdfunding has generated a lot of debate around projects dwelving in an otherwise really profitable industry (movie making, to name just one) being financed through crowdfunding. This has been best illustrated by the controversy around Zach Braff's new film, financed in part through Kickstarter. You can watch a really interesting interview of him addressing the critics here :

Should Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sources be only open to those who do not have any other way to finance their projects ? Is crowdfunding paving the way to a "Hollywood Stock Exchange" (an experiment that has failed in 2010 : Ultimately, do the audience care or should care about how movies are financed as long as they're good ?

Kicktarted - the movie has been in production for over a year and slated to open in 2014.

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