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       Gone are the days when kids were cute, innocent little darlings with a fairy-tale vision of life. Todays kids are still cute and no doubt, little; but “innocent” has become a highly debated expression. The fantasy world that kids used to live in, has now come crashing down and today’s child  has a more direct and realistic life than most adults. In the course of learning lessons, they do not abstain from teaching lessons as well.


                           You ask your young brother to fetch a book lying on your bedside table. After an eternity, he’ll come and tell you that the book is not there. You go yourself and find the book exactly where you said it would be. Well! What does he have to say about that? “it wasn’t there when I came looking for it”.


   Today’s kid will out resign to fate easily, he will fight till the last minute and will usually win. If he wants to miss the school on a brilliant excuse that the parents are left with no choice but to say yes and to wonder why all these excuses never occurred to them in their school-days.


          And them the story goes about the smartest of them all who was asking his father for some money, when his father said, “Son! When Abraham Lincoln was of our age, he used to earn his own living  by selling news-papers” and the kid says “well, Dad! I don’t know about that but when Abraham Lincoln was of our age, he was the president of America!”

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