Kindly aspect

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Kindly guided in Islam that parents, teachers and elders are respected. With friends and love to be treated with courtesy. Be kind to the little ones. Law be respected. Neighbours were taken care of. Guest etiquette of hospitality gathering will be. Women are respected if they need assistance, please do not refrain from it. God's creation was not hurt. His tongue and hands will protect others from harm. Worship and dignified life to be lived.               Islam also ordered that all of us support our Muslim brothers, please tidal loyalty and grief. Aurtqrybat festivals, wedding, marriage, death, etc. kymuqa aurjnazy others resting place for instance. Cooperate with concerned people. Someone not important to someone, name the verge of cumming for transfusion. Aurtnzsy avoid recrimination. Things that do not hurt anyone., Islam taught us that a sneeze or yawn, then keep left hand on the back of the mouth. If you or someone good to give thanks that it must pay. Do not take any thing without his permission. 

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