Kindness begets kindness

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A simple day we just have yesterday with my husband. It's Holy Thursday indeed, and hubby together with my big brother were busy preparing for their orders. They had been trying to gain some extra income even if it's holiday so yesterday, I was not that active in here as they are both using the PC. I also don't know for today but I hope I can now use the PC.

When hubby went outside to buy something, he was in rush when he went back as he saw a lady outside and was begging for some used clothes for her to use when she will return to their place - she's a badjao.

Here in Davao, any or almost all ethnic groups are welcome and whenever holidays are coming, they can be seen almost everywhere because they know that they are welcome in the city and the government really had provided something for them.

So ngayon, si hubby biglang nagtanong sakin kung meron pa ba daw akong damit na di na ginagamit. Gusto niya kasing bigyan yung ale sa labas. Eh nuknukan pa naman yun ng kabaitan kaya ayun, napahalungkat ako ng di oras sa cabinet. lol pati siya naghalungkat narin. May nahalungkat naman kaming iilang damit na di na talaga ginagamit kaya ayun, tuwang tuwa yung ale pagkabigay niya. 

At huwag ka, binigyan niya ng saging si hubby. Isang sipi/pungpong ng saging ang binigay niya kapalit nung mga damit. Nakatulong na kami, nagkaron pa kami ng instant merienda kahapon.

Ayun, niluto ko...muntik pa masunog dahil ka-chat ko ang ilang ka-bit sa FB. lol


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