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"King of the Latin pop" and "King of the Dance" a person who has a amazing voice considered as a Perfect singer and a  Perfect person, Yes! am talking about Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler. He is a Spanish singer, songwriter, and model. Even though he has a mesmerizing voice, he is also famous because of his handsome looks and athletic body. Also considered as the best-selling Latin artist worldwide. He has a wide range of hit songs most famous songs of Enrique includes "Rhythm Divine," "Hero," and "Bailamos,".

here are some pictures of Enrique shown below:


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In this blog i will be telling you about the Journey of Pop Star Enrique Iglesias.


Early Life :

Enrique is the youngest son of worldwide famous singer Julio Iglesias and magazine journalist Isabel PreyslerHe was born in Madrid, Spain on May 8, 1976. Enrique lived with his father in Florida, he also lived with his mother in Serbia, for one year. He attended the Gulliver Preparatory School and later went to the University of Miami and studied business.

Journey of becoming a musician :

Enrique always had a interest in music from start of his teenage life. At the age of 15, he secretly began writing music. He did not wanted to take the advantage of his father's famous name as i mentioned before his father is also a famous singer so, without telling his father he borrowed money from his nanny.He recorded a demo tape and handed to his father's former publicist Fernan Martinez. They both promoted the song under the stage name 'Enrique Martínez'. After that he was dropping out of college, then for his first debut album Enrique traveled to Toronto.



Here is a picture of young Enrique with his family.

                                                                               (source : google)


Debut Album:

At the age 20 Enrique released his debut album named of his name ,  released on 21st of November,1995. His album won the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album in 1996 . His Album sold more than a million copies in three months. his album also, beating Jon Secada with four chart toppers.

The photo cover of his debut album " Enrique Iglesias " is given below :


                                                                  (source : google)



Video of his first song is shown below:

                                                                           (source : youtube)



Video of his another song is given below:


                                                                                 (source : youtube)                                                          

Other Successful Albums:


After releasing his debut album, he released his second album "Vivir". This album was another great success for Enrique, three singles of his album hit the billboards in the US. This album has sold millions of copies worldwide.


Cover Photo of his album "Vivir" is given below:


                                                                          (source : google)


Video of his song "In Love" is shown below :



                                                                                (source : youtube)                                                             

Another song from album Vivir "Only you" , this song hit the billboard in the US, Video of this given below:

                                                                                         (source : youtube)

"Remixes" and "Regarding Love"

Enrique's career was going on top, so after releasing two albums he made remix of his previous singles of both albums "Vivir" and "Enrique". Where as Remixes was released on 5th of may,1998. "Regarding Love" was Enrique's third album, which was also released in 1998.


Cover Photos of his both albums shown below:




                                                                       (source : google)

Bailamos Greatest Hits:

The album Bailamos "dancing" was Enrique's first greatest hit and his fifth album. This album was released on 1st of june,1999. The album sold millions of copies around the world.

Cover Photo of is shown Below:


                                                      (source : google)

"Bailamos" was amazing single by Enrique and also his first English debut song. It sold almost 5 millions of copies around the world.

Video of his song is shown below:

                                                                                      (source : youtube)


This was Enrique's first debut album release in English, which was released on November 23, 1999. The album contained some amazing hit songs titled as "Rhythm", "Unhappy eyes" and a duet song with Whitney Houston which was recorded in Germany.

Cover photo of his album "Enrique" is shown below:


                                                               (source : google)

Video of his duet song is shown below:

                                                                               (source : youtube)

Video of his song "Unhappy Eyes" shown below:


                                                                            (source : youtube)

Video of Enrique's another song is shown below:

                                                                                       (source : youtube)


On 30th of October, 2001 Enrique released his second English-based album. till now this album has sold 12 millions of copies worldwide. The album "Escape" consists of the songs titled as "Maybe" and "Never" and the Best hit song of his Album is "Hero", which was at top of charts in US and in other countries as well, the slow and soft music of "Hero" with Romantic lyrics and his amazing voice made the song more Perfect.

The Cover Photo of his Album "Escape" and songs are shown below:


                                                                        (source : google)

"Maybe" & "7th":

After "Escape" he released his albums "Quizas" in Spanish on 2002 and "Seventh" in English on 2003.He also won award for his album Maybe, these albums consisted of songs titled as "Perhaps", "Addiction" and "Not in Love".

Cover Photo Of his both albums shown below:


                                                                 (source : google)


 Video of his song "Addicted" is given below:

                                                                                     (source : youtube)


This was Enrique's fourth English-based album, which was considered totally different from his previous hits, as Enrique for the first time added a touch of rap in his song by "Lil Wayne" and he also did a cover song and the addition of pop and contemporary elements made Insomniac worth listening. It was released on 11th on June, 2007.

Cover Photo of "Insomniac" is shown below:

                                                                                                    (source : google)

video of "tired of being sorry" is shown below:

                                                                                 (source : youtube)


Euphoria is the combination of both English and Spanish songs with several singers "Akon" , "Pitbull"  and "Nicole". Album sold millions of copies worldwide and it became great success for him, it produced some amazing hit singles. Euphoria the ninth album by Enrique which was released on 2nd of July, 2010.

The cover photo of his album is shown below :

                                                                                (source : google)

Lyrical video of his song "Heartbeat" shown below:

                                                                                            (source : youtube)

Video of Enrique's song "Tonight" ft. Ludacris shown below:

                                                                                        (source : youtube)

Sex and Love:

This is Enrique's tenth and latest album, released on 14th of march,2014 and one of his greatest hit and successful album, it is spotted as the most listened album of the year. It also features some guest singers PitbullFloRida, Jennifer and Kylie.

Cover photo of the album is shown below:

                                                                                    (source :google)

His song "Bailando" ft. Sean which has became the number one most viewed Latin song and second most viewed English-based song ever. Bailando was spotted top on the charts for many weeks it also holds the record of one billion views on youtube.

Video of "Bailando" (English-version) shown below:

                                                                                      ( source : youtube )

Video of his song "Heart attack" shown below:

                                                                                     (source : youtube)

Video of Enrique's song "Finally" ft. Sammy shown below:

                                                                                                      (source : youtube)

Acting and Songwriting:

Apart from his singing career, he has written many songs for his albums. He also co-writes the songs such as he co-wrote a song for Lopez as well.He played some roles in Serials any reality shows as a host, presenter, judge and as a special guest of the play.

Here is a Picture of him playing the role of "Gael" :


                                                                                 ( source : google )

Here is a picture of him in "two and a half men" shown below:


                                                                                           ( source : google)


Enrique had a serious and happy relation with the well known tennis player "Anna kournikova" . They started dating when the athlete "Anna" appeared in his song "Escape" in 2001.They have been together for 8 years, Enrique says in a interview "Anna is the coolest girl he ever met" . There were some rumors about their breakup later in 2014 it was reported that the couple is still together.

some pictures of the couple shown below :







                                                                                        ( source : google )

Concerts and Tours:

After releasing his second album Enrique went on a short tour, after that he started his world tour as "Enrique world tour"  he had many successful tours all around the world.He did his concerts in many countries such as Australia,Texas, Lithuania, US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, England, Bolivia and France.

Some Photos of his Amazing tours are shown below :                                                              


                                                                                     Belarus April 24, 2009


                                                                                                       Austin, 2010

                                                                                         Performing in Georgia 

                                                                                          Miami, 2013

                                                                                Performing in Vegas

                                                                                Performing with Pitbull


                                                                                       Before going on stage


                                                                                                  (source : google)

 When it comes about performing Enrique is a passionate singer, the way he sings live on stage, his energy, he is also famous because of his high jumps while performing his response and love for his fans is great. He has a huge list of fans including me.

Here are some pictures of his coolest high jumps and dance while performing.



                                                                                                (source :google)

 Here are pictures of some great Moments he had with his fans.





                                                                                              ( source : google )

Here are some videos of his amazing performances shown below :

                                                                        Enrique performing "bailando"

                                                                   Performing "tonight" with pitbull


                                                                                  Performing "Hero" with a fan

                                                                                                   Enrique performing in Georgia 

                                                                                                            ( source : youtube)

In this Blog i tried to cover everything about Enrique's career and life, even these words are not enough for him i can write many blogs on him, but i will finish my blog here. At the end, for me Enrique is "Perfection" an amazing person and celebrity and of course my favorite musician. Enrique we LOVE YOU.

                                                                                                ( source : google )


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