Kirk McDonald, the President of Pubmatic, talks about Film Annex’s initiatives in Afghanistan!

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Kirk McDonald is the President of PubMatic  that was setup with the intent of providing an outlet for publishers who wanted a connect with their audiences in the changing environment of publishing shaped by technological innovation and digital media. He has a broad experience of two decades in top brands like Time Inc. etc.  He is also passionately associated with social causes and serves on the board of not-for-profit causes.

In the video, Kirk talks about how Pubmatic partners with companies that are passionate about their engagement with the audience and want to utilize the latest technologies to monetize that engagement. He also talks about the importance of social media for today’s publishers. He explains that social media allows companies to have a constant real-time conversation with their audience across multiple platforms. These same social media platforms can then be used for effective marketing by the companies. It is very important to understand the relevance of digital marketing in today’s scenario. He also explains that digital advertising has an immense potential. This potential can only be exploited if people know how to translate this constant communication via social media into monetization for the brands or products.

He shares some very insightful views about how digital media has really brought the world closer. The entry barriers are down now. Social media and the power of internet can help developing countries like Afghanistan to satiate their hunger for knowledge, information, and education. Developing countries can benefit from the power of digital media to develop and grow.

About Film Annex’s initiatives in Afghanistan, he has the highest praises for “God’s work” that he believes that Film Annex is currently doing in Afghanistan. He is extremely surprised with the huge impact already made by Film Annex’s initiatives, and the huge potential that is there in achieving more. He believes that they are making a difference to hundreds of thousands of lives through their educational initiatives. He believes that initiatives like these help children explore and rise up to their potential. Education is power according to him.

Do watch the video above for his entire interview. You can see other relevant videos about the Afghan Development Project here

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