kite flying

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Kite flying is a very popular pastime with boys. Even elderly people indulge in it. Very keen competitions are held and sometimes serious accidents happen. Kites are of various forms and sizes. They are made of thin paper and bamboo sticks. A thread is passed though two points, each at a little distance from the ends.


Then it is tied into a sort of a loophole to which glazed thread is tied in a fast knot. This thread the kite-flier holds in his hands and the kite is floated into the air. When the wind blows, the kite flies and the thread is loosened. It rises higher and higher, till it becomes steady. It is a sight to see a steady kite high up in the air.


When the threads of two rival kites cross each other and get entangled, an interesting situation arises. Each side tries to cut the other’s thread. When one thread rubs against the other, a strange sensation is produced as the vibrations reach the fingers.


When one kite is cut off, the other comes out victorious and flies proudly high. The cutaway kite is followed by eager crowds of men who try to catch the prize. Many scuffles take place over it.

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