K.I.T.T. - The AI Powered Supercar of the Knight Rider

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Image Credit: edited by @artbytes using Inkscape
Original image source: Free Knight Rider Live Wallpaper


Back in the 1980s, a TV series about a black 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that talks have become a big hit. The car is powered by an artificial- intelligent computer processor and can talk and often times drive itself without a driver.  The show is called THE KNIGHT RIDER and the car is named KITT or Knight Industries Two Thousand.

A talking and self-driver car was purely science fiction during those times. It was 'Futuristic' to say the least.

Here is the original trailer of that show. 


CBLOG: K.I.T.T. - The AI Powered SuperCar of the Knight Rider

In this CBlog we will talk about the nearly indestructible Trans AM known as KITT and the Knight Rider.



Image Credit: Screenshot of CBLOG: K.I.T.T. - The AI Powered SuperCar of the Knight Rider


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