Kitten Update: The Naughty Kitten

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This photo was taken April 19th — 10 days old!

All the kittens were housed neatly in a spacious box of old papers and stuff. I tried to place them somewhere more secure but the mother cat keeps on getting back in the same place.

On that afternoon, I saw this kitten jumped out of the box and crawls it's way to her mother who's just beside the box lying comfortably in the garage floor. The lone kitten then find it's mother's breast or nipple for a power milk while its other 3 siblings are sleeping.

I can say that this kitten is naughty because it's the only one who keeps on getting out of the box and drinking milk alone. Hahaha!

My dad found out about this cats and get a bit mad. Unless we do take care of their poop! Hahaha!

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