Know these Things before Writing Your First Resume

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01. Ninja

In your resume, you should not use words like “Management Ninja” or Photographic Ninja”. If you are good at that work, then say it in better words.

02. Rock Star

Exactly like the previous one, you should not use these words.

03. Dynamic

These words mean nothing actually, these are only used to sound good. But why do you need your resume to sound good, you better make it good.

04. Experience

You should not use “Experienced”. Make your resume like that which says what you actually are or what you can do.

05. Guru

You can be a guru of something, but when you re asking for a job, you can’t be a guru. You can not use this word.

06. Try

Try means you are not able of a particular work, but you will try if you could do it or not. Do you really think these words are going to impress your boss?

07. Problem Solver

Don’t make yourself a hero by saying, show of your work that you actually are a hero. Show your works, your capabilities to your boss.

08. Goal Oriented

Don’t say you are “Goal Oriented”. Be a bit more specific and make your resume brief your capabilities to your would be boss.

09. Self Starter

Don’t overuse any word. This word and like any other word on this list would be overused for a resume. You better remember this and not use this kind of words on your resume.

10. Stubborn

Don’t say you are stubborn, don’t let your resume say so about you. Try strong and specified instead.

11. Effective

Saying you are effective doesn’t mean you actually are. Better be effective will show your boss that you are actually worth it.

12. Quick Learner

As we said before, don’t use words that explain what you are, give a little example to show it.

13. Responsible

If you are actually responsible for anything, then prove it. Don’t only just say or discuss it.

14. Capable

Every single person is capable of doing thing, but when you are applying for a job, you should not say that. You better make a good impression of your work so that you don’t need to say or discuss that you are capable of what.

15. Creative

Okey, do you really need to say that you are creative?

You are creative, of course you are, But describing yourself in your resume is not a good thing. Avoiding that direct word, you can say that you worked with creative challenges or creative organizations. Saying differently is better than saying directly.

Okey, these are the 15 words, you should not write on your resume. Most of these words describe or explains what you are. Better to say these words in a different way which actually proves your capabilities will work for a good resume.


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