Knowledge is power

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God create this universe and all humanity and also said to research all the worlds though the knowledge. A well educated person can easily research in this world. Because Knowledge is important part of the human life and it is helpful for the creating of human character. A good knowledge makes a beautiful character of a person. Although all weapons are powerful in this universe but no doubt a pen has its own power. A well educated person is more powerful with good knowledge because non educated person could not comparison with educated persons. Only an educated person can make difference between right and wrong. He becomes able to make always correct decision.


A man has good spirit and he always lives with good confident in this world. In the start of the previous centuries, human was lived in the jungle, mountains with the animals but with the passage of time, he learn the knowledge and improved his own life. He makes different things for the usage of life like latest technology etc. Through knowledge now different countries has become super powers in this world and they have latest weapons and forces and small nations can't face these powerful nations.



Though knowledge, human can become an artist, writer, politician and a businessman but he should use his knowledge in always right ways.

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