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Knowledge means information,understanding and skills that a person acquire through experience or education.Knowledge is power is an old proverb of the sixteenth century but it is as true today as it was in the past.No great adventure can be performed without knowledge.

                                                                     The great difference between the life of past and present will easily explain the power of knowledge.In physical strength,the ancient man was probably equal and superior to the modern man but he could not achieve any coal, iron, gas, oil, or gold from the earth.He could not command the air with F-16 or Mig-21.He could not lighten his room with tube lights and coo, with powerful air conditioner. He could not sail in a modern submarine or enjoy boating in seawater.He could send a message through a horse rider or a personal messanger but could not enjoy the modern communication system of digital telephones, fax, mobile phone and the internet facility of present daylife.This gulf of difference is all the blessing of the power of knowledge .

                                                                     The man who knows have an advantage over the man who does not know. An ignorant person is like a ship without sailor while a man of knowledge is more or less master of his fate or the builder of his destiny. Knowledge teaches a man how to achieve his definite goal in life.Armed with knowledge, he can easily face all troubles and situation of life with confidence. Lack of knowledge is a serious handicap to man. An ignorant man can be easily cheated, robbed or exploited on the other a man of knowledge can guard his interest. The difference between an ignorant person and a man of learning is almost the same as the difference between the blind person and a man who enjoys perfect eyesight.

                                                                 Knowledge is one form on the other is the basis of all all progress and happiness. By his knowledge of his medicine a doctor can cure disease and save his patient’s life.Political knowledge can help us to control the government and society. Scientific knowledge has brought great changes in every walk of life. Man’s control of the earth and over the faces of nature us essential due to practical use of his scientific knowledge. The super power of today’s world are those who have achieved greater scientific knowledge than others.USA is the most powerful nation because of her superior scientific knowledge. Technology in the present world is  the deciding factor in judging the military superiority of a nation

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