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“Seek knowledge may you have to go to China” Holy prophet Muhammad (S A W).

         Man is crown of all the creations in the world, only due to knowledge. All the creators are under control of humans, only due to their knowledge. “Knowledge” means awareness of anything. A man can get knowledge through his observations, thinking, listening teachers carefully and studying books.

         It is common observation that ignorant persons can’t be equal to well qualified persons, so knowledge is power, through which a man is preferred on other. Knowledge is that power that has changed the shape of world. All the scientific researches and other inventions have been carried out by knowledge. Knowledge has changed the life style of a man.

         What are the inventions of steam engine and the establishment of railways? The invention of electricity and its application to telegraphy, telephone, aero plane and comforter, which have contributed so much to the wealth and power of the world? The outcome of knowledge! No amount of wealth or physical strength could have made these possible. Only the knowledge has rendered these possible. That’s why a man is called crown of all the creations. Only due to knowledge ADAM was preferred on the Angels.   

             Knowledge is that light, which has been spread all over the world and has vanished off all the darkness of ignorance. From knowledge all the impossibilities can be made possible. Was it possible to go on moon? Was it possible to go on planets? Was it possible to travel distance of thousands miles in very short time? Were the applications of internet, atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, mobile phone, satellites, cameras and other equipment, not possible? Yeah, all of these were impossible and no amount of   wealth or physical strength could have made these possible. But only the knowledge has rendered them, possible.

          So, it is duty of all people (Muslims & non Muslims) of the world to seek knowledge. Many movements should be carried out for awareness about the importance of education in the world. The Muslims, Christians and other religious scholars have made great contributions in all the subjects. Many positive steps should be taken for its development

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