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Knowledge is the power which can never be stolen, never be purchased by the money. It is the light that is stored in the mind and illuminates the mind’s eye. It is the power which can never be defeated in any span of life. This power when shared, increases in one’s stature instead of decreasing and is available for one to whom it is shared.


It elevates one’s glory and makes him different from others. In general, when any sort of power is utilized or shared, it decreases, but it is the only power when utilized or shared, never decreases. It can never compete with the power gained by wealth. Two seeds sawn with the power of wealth and knowledge can get the same heights of glory but the plant grown by the seed of wealth cannot tolerate even a light blow of knowledge.


On the other hand, knowledge remains erect and gleams with the shine of its power. The persons possess sufficient knowledge about this world, about life, can generally distinguish between the right and wrong way. Their minds are so illuminated and glowing with the spark of knowledge that they can see the brightness of their future in the virtuous way while they absence murkiness on the way of sins and wrong deeds. That’s why they become able to furnish their lives with the flowers of knowledge