Knowledge with Reward......Survey Chat Part 2

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Hey guys, Hope you are fine ........This is Wayeez from .Today i come up with my new blog which is basically the second part of my last blog about Survey Chat so this is the second part of that blog , Hope you guys enjoy this too.

let's have a quick review of my last blog about Survey Chat , last month Micky announced the double reward topic about Survey Chat with Hillary Summers and many of users write the blogs on it and get rewarded double. 

What is Survey Chat ?

The Survey Chat is about to know some one thoughts regarding their daily life , know about his/her feelings for his country or know about how much he/she aware from the World.On Bitlanders daily Micky , Hillary and Bitlanders come and ask from you some quick questions about many things around you and give you 30 bm on each answer , this is not only to get rewarded from them also to seeking the knowledge or getting the information all around the world 


                                                                                            { Captured and Edited by : Wayeez }

As you saw in above image there are 3 personalities Micky, Hillary and Bitlanders who comes daily and ask you frequently questions to know about your thoughts for any thing like your Android phones version, Panama leaks news , about Elections etc etc....and also give you 30bm on each answer , the questions are fully entertain your mind and give you knowledge about new things .


                                                                                           { Captured and edited by : Wayeez }


How it Works ?

The main and most important question is that to know how its works and how we get rewarded , this is specially for the new users to know about this site through my blogs and videos and earn from this site in easy way.

After logging on this site , on your right hand site there is a block of " Global Chat " which automatically appears in front of you whenever you comes online on the site. The Handsome Micky, beautiful lady Hillary and Good Looking guys Bitlanders first and introduce you about Survey Chat and ask from you the rapidly questions with their given options , its too much easy to know about this site as you also check FAQS in Settings as well.

In Global Chat you can see all online users from different countries around the world , you can check your blocked users as well and also checked other profile and see what's their thought and how they look in this site.

Global Chat allows us to communicate with all people who are online you can share with them your thoughts or chat with them on any topic and make them your friends as well.

  Please watch the video for more clearly about Global Chat and how it works...


                    {  Captured and Edited by : Wayeez }


Knowledge with Fun and Reward

I am using bitlanders from 7 months and most important part of the site is now Survey Chat as before that we are just interactive with other users but now in my point of view we are connect with the World as the admin staff questions are so much informative and also we get the knowledge from it , it is not just you have to say Yes or No , if your answer is wrong then they give you the right information about that question as well, which is really appreciable . I am really feeling fun and joy and also wait to come of these three members to Chat with me , as all of them are so informative for me.


                                                                                     { Captured and edited by : Wayeez }


How to Check Rewards ?

Most important part of any site is to trace your account activity every time , how much you earn and how to withdraw so today in this blog you may also know about how to check these Survey Chat Rewards and how to withdraw from Bitlanders, on the behalf of many users who always and daily ask me " How to withdraw and check the balance on this site "

First go to 'Settings' and then click on " My Rewards " and then you can see you ' All Time Total ' and ' Your Balance ' please check below images so you know very easily how its works :-


                                                                                  { Captured and edited by : Wayeez }

In next picture you see the given  reward as 10 question has been ask from you by Hillary


                                                                                      { Captured and Edited by : Wayeez }


So these are the easy steps to go through your account activity and you can also check withdraw option as well


                                                                                           { Captured and Edited by : Wayeez }

Minimum withdraw for Payza and PayPal is 10$ and Maximum you can withdraw 100$ from it.


How to Check Survey Chat and Rewards from bit-Miles ?

You can also come through bitMiles and login your account , you can check here your account recent activity as well as you can also check Survey Chat every time by just clicking on their latest Daily News and get rewarded , please check the below images for more information:-


from this site as well , you can check your account activity and Survey Chat .


On bitMiles you can see the Survey Chat looks like this:


                                                                               { Captured and Edited by : Wayeez }

Bit-Miles is also so helpful for new users , please visit bit-Miles so you can enjoy double .


How to Use Bitlanders ....Simple Tips and Precautions ?

Before few days ago i uploaded my new video about how to use Bitlanders and what are the basic things to use it . This is specially for those users who are new on the site and don't know very well about the site so this video helps them to get rid of suspension and banned and they easily follow the few steps and start their earning from this site 

                                      { Captured and edited by : Wayeez }

Hope you guys enjoy my this blog about Survey Chat and those who don't know about double reward topic must read and follow it . Till then take care and enjoy bitlanders





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