Koorma in Afghani Style

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Koorma in Afghani Style


Ingredients for the Afghani korma are

Cooking oil half a cup

Chicken Boneless or with bones 2 kg

Ginger one table spoon

Garlic one table spoon

Onion two pieces

Yougart one cup

Turmeric powder two table spoon

Salt as per taste

Channa pulse about half cup previously soaked

Sour plums ten pieces only dry ones

Tomatoes two pieces

Green chillies for fragrance and spice cut according to your preference


Take cooking oil in  a medium sized bowl and heat it with high intensity fire. Put chicken in the hot oil and fry it for sometime till it is evenly fried. Take out the chicken in another clay bowl and store.

In the same oil add ginger, garlic and onions. Cook them a little till onions get redish brown. Then put the yougart and turmeric powder followed by the salt as per your taste, also slightly decrease the stove flame. After boiling for a few minutes again put the chicken in this bowl and cover the lid for some time till it is finely cooked, then put the chana and seal the lid again , in the end put the dried plums. Finally add tomato paste and chillies. After cooking this for ten to fifteen minutes your recipe is ready to be served.


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