Korean Action movie - A company man

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Hyeong-do wears a suit and tie like any other rank-and-file white collar worker... except his profession is hitman. Hyeong-do is always dressed like your typical white-collar worker and thus stands as the archetype of your ordinary Korean.Death is all in a day's work for Hyeong-do, a corporate assassin. But when his new trainee is gunned down and he sees an opportunity to quit this cutthroat career, he learns that ambition is a killer, and "retirement" may come at a bloody price.

One thing A Company Man really nails, however, is action. Again, it's still pretty standard stuff, but it looks great and occasionally even displays bits of clever invention. Unfortunately, these scenes are quite sparse.
Guys....its an impressive movie. More than just a crime-thriller/action flick, this film takes a hard look at the Korean/Asian work-ethic. That's what The Company featured in this film is, beyond it's cover as metal-traders and its hidden, darker nature. The young field employees all see their Boss as a father-figure, "I love you, boss." 

Worth Watching!!

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