Korean Drama Review: Fight for My Way - Don't You Ever Dare to Say "I'm Giving Up My Dream"

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When you grow up, who do you want to be?

Do you feel familiar with this question? Yeah, it's a common question that people asked when we were in kindergarten. We all have our own answer. Whether it's to be a doctor, a pilot, an astronaut, a president or maybe like my cousin's answer, "I want to be a rich person". Unfortunately, as time passed and reality hit us, we realize that redeeming our dream is not an easy task. Unless you are psychic, no one can predict the future. Moreover, when we are growing older we will be facing various problems in life. Although it makes our lives more meaningful, sometimes it could make us think, whether "a dream" is only for children?


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Achieving Your Dream is Never Easy

This is the premise that highlighted in this Korean Drama. "Fight for My Way" tells the story of a group of young people in their late 20s, who are struggling to cross the path of their life. These four friends came from their hometown to a big city, battling to reach their dreams against the harshness of the life in the big city.

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We have Choi Ae Ra (played by Kim Ji Won), a tough girl who always come with positive attitude. Ae Ra is a perfect portrayal of a strong-minded girl who comes from a middle-class family. She has faced a quite long list of the bitter of life - starts from got fired from her job because of other's mistakes until an unfaithful boyfriend who cheated her for an older woman. Moreover, she also has to swallow the fact that her dream as a news-anchor had run aground and ended up being an information's staff in a mall.

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While Park Seo Joon, who portrayed Ae Ra's friend - Kim Dong Man, is a young man who almost reaches his childhood dream at a very young age. He almost made his debut to be a national taekwondo athlete. However, due to some unfortunate situation during high school, he had to give up his dream and now works as a pest exterminator.

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Along with Ae Ra and Dong Man, the other two are Kim Joo Man (Ahn Jae Hong) and Baek Sul Hee (Song Ha Yoon). They are already in the relationship way before Jong Man reaches his success as Manager in a Home Shopping Company. However, for the sake of his position, Joo Man has to hide his relationship with Sul Hee. Although Dong Man loves his girlfriend because she always becomes his first supporter, Sul Hee has to endure his boyfriend's family rejection towards her. Simply because of her job as customer service, which is a huge gap compared to her boyfriend.

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Simple Things sometimes have a Tremendous Impact

Honestly, I was not completely interested in this drama. Well, I'm more into something with psychology or thriller "flavor". The first two episodes almost made me abandon this drama, but thanks to my laziness to find the other drama, I keep watching it and now end up with difficulties to move on from it. The premise and plot are quite simple if I can't say ordinary, but as it goes, the story becomes more and more interesting, the characters become more and more addicting to watch.

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With the simple premise, this drama is very closely related to everyday life. Due to that, it does not require a super heavy conflict to make the audience get carried and attracted to this drama. Each of characters has their own charm that will make you fall in love with them. In addition to that, the actors also flawlessly portrayed their character and feel natural.


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Life is not easy but you need to keep move forward

Having a big dream to become a news anchor, without a lot of options Ae Ra had to give up her dream and spend most of her youth life working in the place she hates just to earn money for living. She repeatedly failed even crying, but she never forgets to raised her face back and continues to fight for her life.

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Dong Man's character also very lovable. Although from time to time he extremely makes me furious and stresses out because of his action, he reminds me of the figure of a sincere friend. When Ae Ra is in trouble, Dong Man always stands by her side although he is also in the unfortunate situation.

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I said all the girls need the figure of Dong Man in their life (LOL). The chemistry between Ae Ra and Dong Man are also very natural. Joo Man and Sul Hee is also totally sweet and make me want to crinkle my fingers. This two couple are way from a typical perfect couple, but they sincerely love each other - and that is what makes they are so lovable.

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Through the characters, we could learn a various life lesson that we might forget. 

At first glance, I get the similar plot to the movie 'Love, Rosie'. Not intend on comparing, but you can catch the similar vibe, but this drama is more compact. You get the comedy, the drama, the romance, and obviously the slice of life part. Aside from that, you will find lots of cool quotes in this drama that can make you more grateful for life. Although difficult, giving up on dreams is not an option. And yes, even if your dreams are not reached, God may have prepared a better way for you, whether it be a career or a mate. And one of the most important things, do not ever afraid to fail. What you need to do just keep trying your best and the favorable result will come, eventually.

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This drama is suitable to watch especially when you feel tired or feel stuffy with your life. Honestly, this drama can be a kind of your safe-haven. I enjoyed each of episode because it's light, sweet as well as memorable. A 9 out of 10!


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