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Animation Film:

Kung Fu Panda is a 3D animation film developed by dream works.This movie shows a warrior named Po who is destined to become a dragon warrior but faces many problems and difficulties as no one even believes that he is Dragon warrior.This film shows every one including Shifu and Famous Five Kung Fu masters not only demoralize him but questions the justice of Oogway who is about to die makes Po a dragon warrior who even don't know a thing excepting eating noodles which Panda loves it.

Kung Fu Panda Trailer

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Movie's Characters: 

The movie has following characters Po as dragon worrier Pingway  Po's adoptive father.Master Shifu master and adoptive father of Tai Lung and Tigress.Grand Master Oogway a wise ruler chief mentor of Shifu.Tai Lung a muscular leopard who tried to get dragon scroll and was sent to jail for twenty years after he escapes.Tigress is a china Tiger and leader of all five.Master Viper a green tree viper who is very kind.Master Monkey,Master Mantis,Master Crane and Zeng a Chinese goose who s Shifu's nervous messenger.

Famous Five

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New Dragon Worrier:

This movie starts when Po desperate to see the the Dragon Worrier climbs on the roof of Tai Lung.Po then launches himself on the fire crackers propelled chair and in front of the Oogway's pointing finger.All amazed to see Po as dragon worrier.Master Shifu thinks that Oogway might be mistaken and there is no way a Panda can be a dragon worrier.But Master Oogway says that universe has decided and there is no way he is going to change his decision.Po once worked as waiter in his father's restaurant now enters into the new world Jade Palace a home of all Kung Fu masters.He will now not only learn Kung Fu but will be a dragon worrier as well.Master Shifu tries to humiliate Po with hard training at once thinks that Po will run away and tigress the fittest fighter will be the appropriate opponent of Tai Lung. 

Oogway appointing Dragon Worrier

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Po's Training:

Po though tries very hard to train but eventually fails in every practise. Master Shifu annoyed by his performance lies with in a piece to decide what to do train Panda.One day he saw Panda at the top of room eating Cookies.Po after seeing him thinks that Master Shifu will punish him but to his surprise Master Shifu acknowledges him by saying that look at the fact that you have reached the top of Tai lang a home of Master Shifu and Five masters without any difficulty because you had a aim in your mind and that was to eat cookie.Po after seeing himself at the top falls on the ground eventually.Po then realizes that he may have some skills and now tries to follow hard on Master Shifu advice.

Po's Training

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Tai Lung Escapes Prison:

Tai Lung has now escaped the inescapable prison and is treated as a formidable opponent.The ovie show that though Tai Lung has a little role but it was only their fear that were keeping him as great opponent.As soon as the Shifu realizes about the escape of Tai Lung .Master Oogway  learns that his time on earth has finished and ascends in a cloud and blossoms into the heaven leaving Shifu at his own to deal with Po and and the situation

Oogway' Death

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Five Masters Disobey orders:

Tigress along with his companions disobey the orders of Shifu to protect Po until he has finished his training decides to stop Tai Lung before he can reach Po.They are beaten by Tai Lung and he sends them as a warning to create fear among Shifu and Po.

Tigress fights with Tai Lung

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Po gets afraid:

Po though is little afraid and thinks that how he will not be able to defeat when all the five masters have been defeated.But his spirits came alive when the Dragon Scroll was being given to him.He opens it and much to his dismay finds that it is only blank metallic page which showed nothing except reflecting his face.This causes a great fear among them selves as Dragon Scroll was considered as only their hope.Eventually Master Shifu decides to evacuate the villagers.

Po and Dragon Scroll

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Master Shifu battles with Tai Lung:

Master Shifu confront with Tai Lung himself so that it would give enough time for the villagers to evacuate.He also was disappointed of his mistake as he taught Tai Lung many skills when he was very little.And it was his greed that offered Tai Lung to be dragon master when he was very little that made him into a bad person and was sent to prison.

Shifu confronts Tai Lung

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Jade Palace:

Tai Lung finally reaches the scenes in Jade Palace a in hope of getting Dragon Scroll and defeating Dragon worrier but is offended when he sees Master Shifu there.Tai Lung fights with him and defeats him with out realizing that Shifu was his teacher and it was only he due to which he was able to learn so many skills.

Shifu training Tai Lung

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Po gets the message of Dragon Scroll:

Po after realizing what the scroll says arrives at Jade Palace to protect Shifu and fight with Tai Lung.Tai lung is very amused when he learns that Panda is a Dragon worrier and makes fun of him.The fight then starts with Tai Lung getting the Scroll he sees the scroll and finds that it is only blank.Po then says that it is only believing in your self is what scroll taught.

Po then defeats him with Master Shifu's training and his own talent.He then uses Wuxi"s finger to destroy Tai Lung which no body has taught him but only he has learnt himself.

Po with Wuxi's Finger

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Po treated as Hero:

After watching the destruction of Tai lung all the villagers return to their homes.Po is treated as a hero and is acknowledge by the five.He then rushes back to the palace as Shifu was injured badly but finds that he was only at peace.

  Po and Shifu in Inner Peace

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