labor migration

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Even if we close the Philippines, some says, Filipinos make employment abroad as intelligent escape of earning much more that what our country could offer to the talent they deserve. Stopping labor migration is not a good idea because we deprive our country and workforce with jobs they can enjoy which at the same time are considered as a blessing. Rather, our country should further develop agricultural, industrial and manufacturing and services sectors from the remittances of our labor migrants.
Soon enough, children of OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) come to understand that in every parents sacrifice working abroad it, too has good lasting effects because most of them took their families with them, or invested their money in business, or brought properties where they can lean on someday. Much has been said about labor migration is “brain-drain” because of the continuous outflow of skilled professionals hurting our local industry: our education system favors those countries where our skilled manpower needs them. Aside from these, we are not certain on the plight of our overseas Filipino workers because of minimal assurance of their safety and dignity where they stay. They are possible victims of maltreatment, sex abuse, and imminent danger, and physical assaults.



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