Lacey Spears: Accused Of Hurting Three More Kids

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Last year, Alabama native Lacey Spears was found guilty of poisoning her son, Garnett to death with high levels of salt in January 2014.

The 28-year-old is currently serving a 20-year sentence.

Meanwhile, true crime author John Glatt chronicled Spears' need for sympathy and attention in his book, My Sweet Angel (out October 18th).

Spears, who suffers from Munchausen by proxy syndrome, caused three children to get sick while she was watching them.  

These incidents occurred before the birth of Garnett.

Spears' lawyer, however, calls these claims "speculative," according to PeopleMagazine.

Glatt alleges that the kids developed "severe ear infections" under her care, after she had befriended three single mothers and offered to watch their kids.

Oddly enough, once the mothers cut off Spears, their childrens' health began to improve.

Spears chronicled Garnett's illness in a series or blog posts, and developed a following of sympathetic readers on Facebook.

“The book takes readers through Lacey’s life and exactly what she did in the years leading up to her arrest,” Glatt told People.

“I had access to all of her friends and spoke to her family. I got to know her family, who provided insights you can’t get anywhere else.”

Glatt said Spears is a very good actress, having spoken with her in jail after attending her court hearings.

“There were thousands of pages,” Glatt said of the blog posts she wrote to get sympathy from strangers.

“At one point, she invented this story about finding this poor guy in Alabama who then got her pregnant, but she dismissed him as being Garnett’s father.

"Then she created this illusionary figure called ‘Blake,’ and claimed he was a cop that died in a tragic accident and that he was the real father," Glatt said

“Reading through all that stuff, in real time, and seeing the reactions of her friends to these lies," Glatt reflected, was harrowing.

"That was a heart-stopping moment for me."


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