Lahore a historical city of Pakistan

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Lahore is a historical city of Pakistan. It the provincial capital of province of the Punjab. Lahore is famous for his historical places. The people of Lahore city are very friendly. A person who wants to visit a historical place should visit this beautiful city. Not only place of historical importance this city has a rich culture of food items. Food dishes of Lahore are very delicious. In this regard some places are worth visiting. Traditional foods of Lahore are famous all across over the country. People come to Lahore for enjoying food and to visit the beauty of this city.

Introduction about  some famous historical places in Lahore.

  1. Badshahi Mosque
  2. The Lahore Fort
  3. The Lahore Museum 
  4. Minar-e-Pakistan


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This mosque was built during the reign of Sixth Mughal King Aurengzeb Alamgir. It was built with red-stone. It is place of historical importance and people from country and abroad come over here to see its beauty. From centuries it remained a charm of visiting.


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 The Lahore Fort is also known as "Shahi Qila" is a very nice place to visit in the city. It is an ancient age building which is related to the reign of King Akbar. He kept this building in its original form for long long time by decorating it time to time and maintaining its renovation as required and needed. Due to the efforts of such great people we can enjoy the beauty of such very old time structures.


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The Lahore Museum is located at Mall Road Lahore. It is full of many historical items such as statues of Budhaas and also many historical coins. The statue of Queen of Victoria is also placed in it. Overall there are many things which are displayed for visitors who come here to see old time items.


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Minar-e-Pakistan is located at Iqbal Park. It was build in commemoration of Resolution Day of Pakistan on 23rd March 1940. Its total height is about 70 meters. Its construction began in 1960 and completed in approx. 8 years. The people of Lahore come to see this beautiful monument and enjoy here.


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Food street is located at Anarkali Bazar of Lahore. Everyday people come here to enjoy the delicious traditional Lahori foods. Here is video link showing food street of Lahore.


I hope its a bit of interest for people who want to know about Lahore. This is a short introduction here.


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