Lahori Katakat

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Lahore is the second largest city in Pakistan, but number ONE in the world when it comes to food. The taste of Lahori food is unmatched, and from my personal experience it simply WoWs your taste buds. This blog is about a specialty served in Lahore, the Katakat.



Although it could be cooked with chicken or only Mutton Liver and Mutton Kidney, the Katakat served in Lahore has the following:

Mutton Heart

Mutton Liver

Mutton Kidney



Ginger, Garlic

Green chili Pepper

Black Peppers                                                                            

Dry Coriander

Cumin Seeds

Red Chili and Salt


Below is a short video showing a typical restaurant in Lahore serving the Katakat dish. The video is not mine it was posted by a user name "Syedan2k11" on youtube, I hope you enjoy.

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