Lamborghini Diablo SE30

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Lamborghini launched a super race car in 1994, and it was easily the best sports car in the Lamborghini range that ran staggering figures in performance. Labelled SE30, this was a special edition brought out to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Wearing a special color of purple, unknown to be used in any car, this car looked sleek and dashing with low fenders and air intakes positioned in the sides and the roof. A lot of flab was done away with using synthetic glass for windows, carbon fiber and aluminum body panels, carbon fiber seats, magnesium manifolds and deleted air-conditioning, audio system and power steering. This made this race car perform with staggering figures. It pumped out 525 bhp at 7000 rpm and 0 - 100 kms in 4 secs. The price tag it bore was a hefty $206,000. Only 150 cars were produced of which 15 were fitted with the Jota system that produced an ear-splitting roar suited for race tracks.


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