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It is only now that i accidentally open the site . In the past year and last three months  it was my main source of bitcoin.  When i  saw that its active again online , i tried to visit the bitcoin ad sites and  yes its now active again.  

I had posted before  that for the first three months of the year 2015  a big balance of satoshis was not paid  or transferred  to my bitcoin wallet , here's the image ;



As you can see from the image above , the total 0.00038037 was not transferred on my bitcoin wallet so i  was still waiting until today i had seen that it had been paid and transferred  



The image above was a copy of the transfer or payment from LOB to my wallet 


Thanks so far , that my hard earned bitcoins was not lost.  I will post the present list withing . Some of the ad sites had  already been classified with my other groupings.



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