LANGUAGE vs LANGUAGE , a million dollar question !

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For a long time , I've been seeing people fighting over whether which language is better , which language to learn , and what I get from their little aggressive quarrels is that nearly 90% of the programmers always defend the language on which they were currently working on and that is good in a sense because if they can not defend their language they should probably move on to some other platform.

But what about the other 10% , so here comes guys like me who are concurrently working on several languages , we support 'none' but if we look the other way we support 'all' , because we guys follow the same code as " In Rome do as the Romans do" or "Jesa Desh , Vesa Bhes".

To simply explain my motive of saying that , If you learn to drive a car, that knowledge can be transferred to driving a bus, a truck or a tractor. Similarly, most computer languages implement input, output, variables, loops, conditions and functions. Learn the basics of any language and learning another becomes considerably easier. In most of the cases it's just the difference in syntax.
You cannot choose the “wrong” language; all development knowledge is good knowledge. Perhaps picking COBOL for an iOS game isn’t the best choice, but you’d quickly discover it was impractical and learn something about the language which was useful elsewhere.
The hardest part of any learning process is making a start.

There are hundreds of languages currently in use of developers , But as the question remains same after all that discussion , So I'm going to discuss some of the most used languages under different grading schema.

If I grade languages according to job opportunities available in market , they will be settled as follow.
Following info is taken from a survey conducted by
#4 C++
#8 C
#9 SQL
#10 PHP

If we look the ranking around developers supply , we could find a list as follow
#2 PHP
#3 SQL
#8 C++
#9 C

If we rank on the basis of most common used platform , the list will look like
JavaScript — 55.4%
SQL — 49.1%
Java — 36.3%
C# — 30.9%
PHP — 25.9%
Python — 24.9%
C++ — 19.4%
AngularJS — 17.9% (JavaScript framework)
Node.js — 17.2% (server-side JavaScript)
C — 15.5%

If we look at market trends we could get a list somewhat like following
#5 PHP
#6 SQL
#7 C++
#9 C
#10 C#

Following list is based on data from
Salary range provided below is in US dollars .
JavaScript , 45---124 k
PYTHON , 50---148 K
Java , 55---114 K
RUBY , 55---138 K
PHP , 40---110 K
IOS , 47---136 K
C++ , 57---127 K
C# , 40---120 K
SQL , 40---108 K
C , 40---129 K

So I think you guys should focus on what is your goal and pick a suitable platform for that purpose ,
like If you are more of a terminal loving guy like most of the cyber security guys you should learn python , c , c++ , perl , ruby , batch , bash etc.
If you want to work on OS from scratch then you should work on c++ , c.
If you want to work with web applications you should probably move with ruby , c# , javascript , python , php , sql , nosql etc.
If you are attracted towards game development , I think you should work on javascript, c# , c++ , java , booscript etc.
If you like to work with embedded systems , you should probably learn assembly , c , c++ , python.
If you want to work on networking you should start with python and c++.
If you want to work on android applications , you should consider java and c# as an option .
If you want to be an ios developer you should learn swift and objective-c.

Again , it's totally up to you , your goal and your mindset .
So I think I should stop at this point and leave it to you guys whether which language to choose .

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